Fuck Your Influence If You Don’t Have an Impact

“You can’t sit with us” started out as an amazing line in an iconic movie “Mean Girls “, but turned out to be so much more. Today this is standard attitude, resulting in a world full of one-person tables. In such world being “influential” is the norm, and all of us are trying to have as good of online profile as we can, dreaming about 10K Instagram followers that give us that super cool swipe-up-to-see-more feature on Instagram stories. But, at the end of the day, our influence is determent by the impact and not by the number of people who like, share or subscribe.bigstock-Different-Business-Thinking-92128499-e1454374793125-1200x774

Ok, so it is all down to this: on how many people are we really making an impact. But, how to have an impact? Being yourself is a good start. Most of us are not sure what that means but there are few key elements of our personality we are sure of, and not putting that in the front row is just plain stupid. There is zero chance of you having an impact if you are not being yourself.

And, you have to be crazy brave to show your true self. To put yourself out there. To be brave you have to have a reason, a story. See that as a deeper motivation to make a change. Remember that no change ever started with “you can’t sit with us”, allow people to sit with you, share your favorite filters, be kind and have genuinely good intentions.

One more thing, please don’t use people just to sell them something, we are so fucking over classical advertising and we want friendly help. Either don’t sell or be damn good at it.

To summarize, we should not focus on the numbers, but on the impact. Hitler had millions of followers, and I don’t think that turned out that great. We all can make an impact. It’s irrelevant if it is on millions or on one person, if it is good, it is worth it.


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