Change Your Life from 11 pm to 07 am

There is a time in life when you start analyzing it and try to find ways to make it better. That happened to me eight months ago when my energy was low most of the time, and I felt like my productiveness was long gone. To change all this, I started changing my habits. One of them was my sleeping routine. At that point, it was random and had no rules. Radicle as I am, I decided to change that from the root, and start sleeping from 11 pm to 07 am.

I got extra motivation after the talk with a friend of mine when she told me that she used to get up at 6 am, and study until 9 am, because all of her friends were sleeping at that time, so there were zero distractions for her. That got me interested, and I started thinking how could I use that time (studying that early will always be a big no-no for me).

In a world where doing all the daily task in 24 hours is ridiculously hard, for most of us, getting more time is like winning the lottery. So, when I realized I now have extra two hours every day to do what I want, I was amazed. I started reading for an hour every morning, and even developing my German skills. What would you do with two extra hours in the morning?

I started doing this because I needed a productive change, but I got so much more! Do you know that low-energy feeling after waking up? It shouldn’t be there, you just had your dose of rest. It used to happen to me even after nine to ten hours of sleep. What I did experience after managing my sleeping routine is that low-energy feeling disappeared! I feel way better now, have much more energy, and every morning I feel more prepared for all the tasks ahead of me. That all is a result of improvement of sleeping quality.pexels-photo-212269

Yes, it is going to be really hard at the beginning, you will try to go to sleep for hours and won’t be able to, but after a week or so, you are going to get used to it. TIP: try to be super active during first days of this practice, because when tired you go to dream land in no time. Another thing is that FOMO (fear of missing out) is not just a fear, it is real with this one: you are going to miss out. However, mostly it’s just random chats that you could have during the day anyway. And definitely, the worst thing is that when you don’t stick to it, you are going to be dead the next day. But, you get used to all of this after some time, and it is so worth it!

Even after eight months I’m still working on this, and trying to make this practice better. I still have a long way to go, and at times feel like I’m not using it correctly. As always, I’m not saying this is the best practice, and that it will work for everyone, but it’s worth trying out! Do you have a sleeping routine? Don’t forget to write me your comments.


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