How to Survive Exams

It’s that time of the year again. The time when you procrastinate, ask yourself „Do I really need this!? “, lose all of your social life, and will to live. Or simply put – finals. Recently I asked myself does it really need to be like that. Is it us, the Millennials, or is it the rustic educational system? And, is there a way for us to work together!?86352cfeea311c69677a216ae3a9581a--school-motivation-study-motivation

Who will win, exams or Millennials?

The educational system has remained nearly the same for decades. We see some improvements, but it’s mainly still classroom-style-theory-oriented experience which many of us ignore and look at our phones. Millennials are REALLY different – our concentration is as low as it gets, we are generations that learns by doing, and we see redundancy as a crime. The system is not made for this generation, and this is the reason why we experience exam phobia.

Something needs to change, the question is should it be the system or Millennials? The answer is not that simple, and it includes both the system and Millennials. Changing the system requires a lot of time, money, and other resources. On the other hand, we Millennials were raised with certain expectations and decision-makers need to ask themselves questions like are exams even the right tool for grading Millennials, and so on. It’s up to us to apply pressure on them until they put our needs on the agenda. Until then, read my practical guide to surviving exams!HOW TO SURVIVE EXAMS

How to survive exams

Learn how to learn and remember that everyone is different. Are you a visual person? Do you like to study alone or with somebody? There are plenty of test (online and offline) you can take to find out what kind of a learner you are. And when you do find out how to learn, you just change the subjects. More about this in the future.

Sticking to the plan is key! HAHA, good one! Since you are reading this, there is a good chance you are a procrastinating genius, just like me! Buuut, if your exam is tomorrow make studying plan and stick to it. Don’t study for more than 45 minutes in one sitting, but also don’t take a five-minute break, go on Instagram and stay there for an hour. If you write down your plan there is a bigger chance you will stick to it.

Make yourself happy, buy something for yourself not as a reward – but as a motivation fuel. Make sure your environment is well adjusted to your learning goals. Consider going offline, if that seems like something that could help. Don’t forget that you have a life to live; eat well, sleep well, and blow off some steam!

In the end, remember that it gets better! In the end, no matter how hard it is, and how desperate we are, we get through it. We may fail, but it’s nothing we won’t survive. So take a rest, enjoy your life and realize that it gets better. Oh, and yeah, nail those exams! And if you don’t, you will next time.


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